Free credit card processing

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Accept credit card payments free
Free credit card processing

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Free credit card processing

What is Free Credit Card Processing?

Accept Credit Card Payments Free. A cash discount program is a type of credit card processing that passes the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card. Cash discount merchant services allow business owners to continue to accept all major credit cards, but without the loss of 3-4% in fees.

Business owners all over the world are checking out the cash discount program.

It’s not hard to understand why, since most business owners are losing anywhere between 2-4% in credit card processing fees with every transaction.

In a day and age where everyone wants things cheap and instantly, like same-day funding, it’s no surprise that cash discount credit card processing is on the rise.

Cash discount processing is gaining in popularity in the United States, but if you think about it, you’ve probably seen them around for decades.

Gas stations have used cash discounts on the price of gas for many years. If you pay with cash, it costs a little less per gallon. If you pay with a credit card or gift cards, the cost is as listed on the sign and on the pump.

Merchant Cash Discount

Accept Credit Card Payments Free. Our program is simple we provide you with a free EMV approved credit card terminal and pin pad.

We provide you with approved signage to make your customers aware of the merchant cash discount program.

You process your credit card sales as usual.

You eliminate your monthly credit card fees


Accept Credit Card Payments Free

A customer in a convenience store walks up to the register with $40 worth of goods. She notices a sign next to the register explaining that a 4% service charge is added to all store sales. By paying with cash, she gets an instant cash discount of 4%.

The attendant scans all of her products which come to a total of exactly $40.00.

The customer informs the clerk that she is going to be paying by cash, which makes her total $20.00.

Most banks also allow their customers to withdraw cash through a cash advance to make the money more accessible to the customer.

Realtime payments made in the form of cash will end up saving the customer some money. Using a credit card may result in simpler and faster payments, but they would be charged a small fee or surcharge for doing so.

A discount to customers paying with cash is given to the customer. It essentially rewards them for paying with cash. So, while credit card companies may prefer your customers to pay with cards, they will actually be rewarded for using cash.

Free credit card processing

Free credit card processing

A customer in a convenience store walks up to the register with $40 worth of goods. She notices a sign next to the register explaining that a 4% service charge is added to all store sales. By paying with cash she gets an instant cash discount of 4%.

The attendant scans all of her products which come to a total of exactly $20.00.

The customer informs the clerk that she is going to pay with a credit card, and the total price of the goods changes, so she will be paying a total of $21.60.

The customer inserts their card into the terminal to pay for their goods, and is charged a total of $20.80 to cover the cost to accept credit.

The customer completes the transaction and leaves having paid $20.80 for $20 worth of goods, knowing that she could have saved 80 cents had she paid with cash.

The cash discount program allows the customer to pay with a credit card, just like normal. The difference is that they get the choice whether to incur the fee that would normally go to you, the business owner, or use cash for a discount.

In both of the above cases, the cost of the goods being brought to the register was exactly $40.00. This is what the business has set as the credit card price of the goods. The customer paying by cash has $1.60 deducted from the transaction as a cash discount, rather than paying the extra $1.60 to cover the processing fee.

By paying with cash, the first customer saved 4% on their goods by purchasing them at the cash price.

Paying with a credit card may make for faster payments, but the second customer incurred the credit card processing fee and paid for the cost of processing a credit card payment so the business didn’t have to cover that cost.

By utilizing cash discount merchant processing, the business receives the full payment amount of each transaction without paying any credit card processing costs or fees.

As payments innovation continues to evolve, you will find your customers using credit cards as real time payments more and more. This is because the payments innovation make paying with a card far more convenient for the buyer.

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